Monday, June 22, 2015

Sooo... I cried at the SIMP miniature show

Miniature fruit bowl by Stephanie Kilgast, PetitPlat Food Art
Maybe I ought to try selling my photographs. Or make a book with them.

Sometimes you feel it's going to be difficult.
About one week prior to the show, thoughts about the miniature world kept creeping up in my mind.
No good thoughts, mind you.
Thoughts about people nagging on prices, only buying single items and not taking the time to grasp the hours of work and hard achieved skills to make the most realistic miniatures.
Not everyone is like that, of course (and luckily!) but enough are and it's annoying, to say the least.
On top of that, I am tired, working hard and a bit worn out with the mindless miniature food jewelry sculpting and the (although very rewarding) daily veggie challenge.
No wonder I closed my two main shops beginning of June. (and they're still still closed so far)
So yes, I was in a weak spot and I felt it and I knew I was fragile to eventual critics.

Beginning of the show, a woman came.
She fiddled around with my (lovingly sculpted and painted) miniature squashes and asked for a price.
I didn't know.
I never know, because pricing is complicated.
So I told her, and rather cheerfully "well that is the big question, isn't it?... I'm note quite sure yet..."
My (kind, patient) brother-in-law then added "we thought of 12€ per piece..."
And then it went all very fast.
She straighten up, drily and raising her voice, she asked "What? 12?", pointing at a pumpkin display I had done, added "but that one would cost 120€ in that case!" (it was displayed at 60) and I just had the time to answer "yes, I know..." and she went straight to "I think one squash should be 6 or 7 euro! 12 is excessive!" and without further notice, she took off.
I only had the time to throw a "but wait!" in the air, but at the point she was already too far.
(I'm so fed up with this)
I thought.
I tried to contain my tears.
I turned myself to compose myself. (other customers were at the table)
I miserably failed and started to cry. Hard.
PLM told me something comforting, I gave him my bag, told him I needed a quick rest and went to the bathroom.

So there, great, great start in the show.
Don't get me wrong, everyone can think my prices are too high (or too low) but don't tell me as if I were a piece of shit.
It is not real food, it is not your rent. You don't have to buy it.
If you think it's too expensive, keep it to yourself, say thank you, smile, go peacefully.
Make the world a kinder place.

My mind is racing right now. I am an artist. I will tackle the art market. The dollhouse market is not a nice place. I don't feel good here and I don't like to make single baguettes someone can put on it's shabby chic table.
I want to make food compositions and sell that and if the dollhouse market isn't happy with it, then it's time for me to move on.
I want to be political and talk about the environment and food choices. The daily mini veggie challenge really opened something there, a meaning, something I enjoy and which I can explore.
I want to sculpt other things and talk about emotions, sadness and depression.
It's time for a change.
Will it happen over night? Probably not,
Will I stop dollhouse miniatures? I don't think so.
But this is not how I want to progress and it's not making me happy.

I'm happy to hear your thoughts about this.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Miniature Veggies and Fruit for the SIMP Fair

Hello Folks!

Still working (my ass off) toward the upcoming miniature fair, the SIMP in Paris.
I'm actually showing you things that aren't even quite finished! Oh the drama!
And I'm also realizing I've made a lot of expensive miniatures and I really need to get a grip and make cheaper things that will actually sell...
By the way, if you have a brilliant idea on what is going to sell, let me know in the comment, because I still haven't figured it out entirely. Thank you.

I'm on a tomato wagon this week, so this is the most likely daily veggie you'll see. (and yes I know it's really a fruit, thank you very much) I've made 6 different varieties and am thinking of making another tomato cane, because I'd like to make some quarters.

On the bright side, I'm feeling a little better and less pressurized as I've finally finished a big custom order wooot! Most of my shops are closed right now, so that's a worry less as well.
Seriously if the first thing that pops into your mind when you sell something is "oh gawd no, please not another order", then it's time for a break.

Miniature food by Stéphanie Kilgast, aka Petitplat

I made another expensive fruit board that is probably not going to sell, but it's pretty, am I right? :)

Miniature exotic Fruit by Stéphanie Kilgast, aka Petitplat

And a salad board that isn't finished as the salad is still missing... and also a bunch of cucumber slices.
But it's adorable so far, right?

Miniature Salad and Veggies by Stéphanie Kilgast, aka Petitplat

Oh and I made a few cupcake and donut trays that have a good chance of selling, I just need to decide on the right pricing.

Miniature Cupcakes by Stéphanie Kilgast, aka Petitplat

It's late and it's time to watch the last episode of Game of Thrones, while eating banana "nice-cream". (google it you will thank me later)


Thursday, June 11, 2015

10 Days Until SIMP, Miniature Fair in Paris

Miniature Food by Petitplat, Stephanie Kilgast


Usually thursdays have been all about veggie recap but meh, nope not today.
Today I'd like to share my panicky state of mind concerning the upcoming miniature fair in Paris, the SIMP, which is only in 10 days!! Yikes!
And more awful even, I leave my home in just 8 days.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! *running around her atelier, pulling her hair off*

Here is my booth so far, as you can see I'm faaar from done. There is actually a little more available in a drawer...

WIP in miniature, Stéphanie Kilgast

Miniature Donuts and Cookies by Petitplat, Stephanie Kilgast

...but I still have a lot planned... (hahaha)

WIP in miniature, Stéphanie Kilgast

And I need to find a way to showcase my daily veggie challenge, as it's a lot more than just this plate.

Miniature Fruit and Veggies by Petitplat, Stephanie Kilgast

And because it would not be fun otherwise I also have custom orders to finish.

Did I mention I was a bit tired of all this? I am.
And don't get me started on the daily veggie challenge, what a brilliant idea that was... not.
I even started to sculpt a face yesterday, so clearly I need a break from food, which is not going to happen too soon I fear.

Going to close my webshop too, so I don't accidentally sell the miniatures I have there and so I can actually have a full booth for the SIMP.

SIMP, Salon International de la Maison de Poupée
Sunday 21th of June, in Paris

will you come see me? :)


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