Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Prints & Posters

Hello :)

I've been asked for prints for quite a while now, so I've uploaded a few of my favorite pictures in my redbubble shop.
I ooicked a couple of days from my daily miniature fruit and veggie challenge but also a few compositions.
It is likely I'll add new compositions and artwork when I do new things.

Prices are very different depending on the quality of paper you choose or if you go nuts and get a huge canvas print. I'm assuming most people will stick with smaller versions, as it's just easier to deal with in a normal sized home :D

I would totally see a trio of veggies in a kitchen and I think I'll order the 200 days picture for myself soonish.

I hope you are happy with these and let me know if there's a picture you'd like as print and I'll upload it to my redbubble shop :)


Monday, July 27, 2015

Be Fair, Buy Fair or With Power Comes Responsibility

Happy Cow, Stéphanie Kilgast
Happy Cow

Yesterday I saw an Arte film about Murat Kurnaz, a turk who spent 5 years in Guantanamo although he was innocent. A very tough film that needs to be seen.
But what brought me to tears was a peculiar moment of the film.
In his cell came daily a little lizard.
Murat starts to tame the lizard which becomes his friend.
And this is were it becomes really devious (as if it wasn't already enough) as the US investigator commands Murat to kill the lizard because you are not allowed to have pets in the prison. After this follows a very long scene where Murat basically is tortured in an isolated cell and goes on a hunger strike.
The strike and the isolation takes about 2 months and the investigator brings the lizard for Murat to kill it. Which eventually he does, crying (as I did and actually still do right that moment when writing this) as he has no other chance of survival.

And I just can't grasp my mind around this. You torture humans, which is bad enough, but killing another living being just to torture another one? I mean, how bad can humans go?

I'm aware that people kill each other because they disagree (religion wars, hello!) or because they want more stuff (territory, money, heck humans) and I do wonder if humans all have a psychopathic tendency which allows them to stop caring at some point.

Which is a paradox, as the more power you have, the more you should care.

Humans have never had so much power, be it on other humans, animals or the very ground we are standing on.
Yet responsibility is still lacking.
Slaves still exists, women and kids are oppressed, humans and animals are exploited to get low prices.
How is this relevant?
Because you partially do have a power to make a change.
Be the change you want to see by checking what you buy, what you use, where the stuff you want comes from, be it the eggs, the milk, the sundress, the bag or your car.

No, you don't want a cheap shirt that has been made by exploiting a kid on the other side of the earth. Because that kid should go to school. Knowledge is power and knowledge can help better human's conditions.
And no, you do not want milk or cheese that comes from a factory farm where cows are badly treated as objects and seen as a numbers with a percentage of losses. You would not want to hurt a cow, so why encourage such farming?
And nope, you do not want that cheap chocolate, that probably was made exploiting humans into only work, no play and bad pay.
And those cheap eggs you buy per dozen? Putting chickens in a a small cage where they suffer their entire existence, never seeing the outside world, their feet cramped onto grills? Nope, you would not want to live like this, so why impose it on others? Get some local eggs from a farmer you know treats its chickens with respect.
You don't beat your pets either.

Fair wages you say? Yes, that should be the rule, but it sadly isn't, so we have to actually check if it's "fair trade". What an absurdity!
Every trade should be fair and it is not, it's not even in France.
Right now farmers are striking as they are not paid enough for their produce.

So please buy fair as much as you can. 
This should be the rule, not the exception.
Too expensive you say? I know, I have cut dramatically my intake of cheese as I can't afford as much fairly made cheese. I stopped meat partially because of that (and also partially because meat is the worst for the environment).
And yes, of course some people just can't afford buying fair. Why? Because they themselves are not paid fair...
The sooner we start caring again about humans, animals and the earth again, the sooner we can straighten our course.

read more :
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and if you have more articles that are relevant or any rotten tomato to throw at my face, be my guest below.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Emotions and Business

Exotic Fruit Miniature Sculpture by Stephanie Kilgast
Exotic Fruit

I've been fairly busy this last Christmas, and by fairly I mean exhaustingly too busy. 
So I needed a break, a big one, bigger than I thought, since I took a month of break. I still sculpted almost daily for my daily miniature veggie challenge, but that was good. Sculpting is fun and it helps me recover.
I think I hit a low at the SIMP miniature fair when I cried.
That also made me realize I wanted to push my work in another direction and put some meaning into in, so I talked about something that has been on my mind for a very long time : meat production.
On a more joyous note I also turned 30 on the exact same day when I sculpted my 200th miniature veggie/fruit sculpture.

BUT! Now I feel much better and I'm ready to tackle selling and sending again.
I've revamped my shop a bit, added a multitude of new miniatures as well and overall changed a few pictures and have started changing some description.
I'm actually not quite ready, but what is left to do are mere details.
And today, after I've been working for a good week, my shop is back online! :)

Below a few pictures of my new miniatures.

Miniature Bread and Baguettes Sculpture by Stephanie Kilgast

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