Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fruits Tarts and Personal Things

Hi all!

First of all I need to thank you for the incredible rush to the giveaway I'm doing! It really pleases me to see you so want to win it :)
Now I've been working on what I call my "fruit pastry collection", proving my true addiction to fruit tarts!
I finally could make some rings, as supplies finally reached my home!
So here are some of the new rings I made:

You may notice the total lack of originality regarding the photos... the same way of displaying the rings... Need to work on this *sigh*
And I also finally was brave enough to make a bracelet! I'm wearing it myself, I need to see if it's stable enough in order to sell it. It looks cute I think and I tried to make a convincing design (this is my very first attempt, I may make better ones)

And while I feel like writing today, I must admit something I'm, to say the least, not very proud of. I love the story twilight. I saw the film during the flight to South Korea (while I was totally sick and tired) and loved it, even though I knew this wasn't what I call a good film (too youngish to my taste).
But I love vampires, I've always been attracted to them, due to their age and so their bigger knowledge, their intelligence, their cold and distant behavior, their beauty and... their dangerousness.
I'm actually like this with 'normal' people as well. I'm attracted by people who are weird or distant (I met my boyfriend because he was so 'in his world' and distant).
I bet nobody excepted this from me, but yes I really like vampires. Next to that fact I was always drawn to gothic and romantic stories like Dracula and Frankenstein (most favorite next to 1984).
Mix all this likeness with the fact that I don't like my life right now and I really needed an escape, I couldn't but other and buy the three first books (soft cover in English, very cheaply gathered on
Yeah and I'm hooked, really.
Oh and if you're still reading, I must admit I also love to read, I'm a real bookworm, so despite the fact that this is a teenie book, I enjoy it (maybe too much?), received the book today and already am on page 172. Stephenie Meyer has an interesting way of writing, I like it a lot, it's descriptive enough and still captivating and 'fast' enough.
I really needed to tell you this, in hope that you all will be very diplomatic telling me twilight is a great story (...) and not laugh at me like the sister of my boyfriend does (but I can't say anything I so much laugh at her and her tastes...)

Ok, see sometimes I can be chatty :)

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12 Cheerful Comments:

  1. Love the rings and bracelet!
    And I love vampires too gne gne :)

  2. Twilight is a fantastic story!
    And vampires are supercool!
    I wish I'd be one. Always have :)
    Of course, I'd have found a way to get rid of that blood drinking ...

  3. Very chatty indeed! :-) Steph,I love the film "Dracula" too!I also like the "Nightmare before Christmas" and the "Corpse Bride"!Do you know them?They are very interesting and unique films!

  4. Not a clue what film twilight is, so I cant tell you tat it is good either.
    We'd get along like a house on fire though, I am all the things you described but for the blood drinking bit...
    I am out of books at the moment, never happened before. Normally I would have picked up something in town, but there are no bookstores here...and I thought I had some left sill...eeepp

  5. oh my goodness! you really need to read the books! they were fantastic 10000% better than the movie (the 2nd part should be in cinemas next year)

  6. you really need to read the books if you have time (its 4 parts)
    the second movie should be in cinemas by next year

  7. my friends and i love twilight. i hope the second movie is better than the first, but it was a start. i enjoy your pictures so much. you are such an artiste!

  8. I love your little artworks
    They look good enough to eat

    Bout the vampires, they rule
    Finished the books in one go in a row....
    Love Anne Rice's vampires too
    For a real laugh, check out the Christopher Moore ones

  9. First let me tell you that I love the new rings!!! Awesome!!

    And don't feel bad...My daughter has read all the books, and has all these other 'making of the movie' books.....And yet it was the bf (A 'tough' manly man ' kinda guy) who made me watch the movie 3 times the first week we had it, LOL..... And my oldest says "You're not cool unless You know who Bella and Edward is!" So consider yourself "COOL"!!!!!

  10. Oh my gosh, you are amazing! You keep astounding me with your attention to detail!! WOW!

  11. I love the cake and tart rings! They are really cool! I think it's great that you love the Twilight series. Been wanting to read the series myself and know I will get hooked too. On a waiting list at the library that is a mile long!

    I am crazy about the Harry Potter Books, so I get it. Who really cares what other people think anyway? Besides you're not the only adult female crazy about the Twilight books. You should hear the woman I know talk about them. Seems like everyone is getting bit by the vampire lately!


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