Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tags and Awards

Just some baguette earrings, so you don't have the feeling to come on my blog for nothing :D
These baguettes are available in my etsy shop.

So I've been collecting some awards and tags these past days (is it the season?? lol)


So this is the first, I was tagged by:
- Linda from linsminis, who do some awesome miniature food
- GUM,, who makes amazing miniatures plants :)

So here the 6 things which makes me happy:
- when my boyfriend looks at me cutely and says "I love you"
- eating croissants in the morning
- going out to the restaurant
- sun and cold dry weather :)
- earing music with my amazing KOSS headphones and making miniatures
- reading a good book


Tagged by Juanita from,
'7 random things about me', huh. So here there are:

1- I never leave the house without earrings, which are a real addiction to me. I love earrings, don't know why exactly :D
2- I eat meat and love it. I have the feeling many of you are vegetarians and for a reason I don't understand you have the urge to tell the world, so I'm telling you I'm not. :D
3- I never drink alcohol because I don't like its taste.
4- I'm what we could call an asocial person. I have hard time being with real persons in life as there always is something that gets on my nerved. I don't have the problem on the Internet as you only see and know a few facets of a person, which ease the relationships a lot!
5- I speak three languages, French, German and English and would like to learn Russian and Portuguese.
6- I am lunatic. Yes, Linda, if you're reading this, you got me to the core :D I may be very happy on one day and totally down on the other.
7- I don't wear make-up

SOooooooooooooo, Now, I'm going to tag hm 5 persons (that's enough I thing) for both things, so they can choose from (I'm such a nice girl, right? :D)
- Linda from, who made a beautiful dollhouse
- Betty from, who makes fruit canes passionately
- Mitsy aka Artmind from, a wonderful artist
- Greet from, who makes gorgeous jewelry
- Ravenhill from, who makes lovely babuschka dolls

Pfew, I hope it wasn't too boring for you (or at least less than it was for me :D)
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14 Cheerful Comments:

  1. Oh boy, so fun to read about you, Stephanie! Thanks heaps for the award - very sweet! I have blogged already so many facts about me in the past that I decided a few weeks ago to take a little break on tagging & award games. I hope you don't mind. ;)

  2. :) not at all!
    I usually don't do the tags things, as it's quite time consuming :)

  3. Cool! Thanks for tagging me! I will do it now.

    P.S. I added ya on twitter. Did you see me there?

  4. Hi, Im from Brazil and want to buy the miniatures, but you dont send to south america. Theres any other way?

    My mail is and my web page

    Waiting for your answer,


  5. not boring at all .. a wonderful fun read!!
    te he he .. virtual friendships are great :D

  6. Yes it does take awhile to do the tag thing. You did it well. Nice to learn more about people though. It would seem to me you know yourself well.I enjoyed reading it! Mini hugs!

  7. Oh, Stef, it is so sweet! Thank you for sharing! And congratulations to the new customer!

  8. Stephanie, it was great to see you already speak 3 languages and would like to learn some Russian. Check out my blog and you can already start learning Russian.

  9. I love to read about my fellow insane artists :-D
    Life became so much easier with the net contacts from all over the worls and all of them equally sociable on their own terms ;-P

  10. Teehee! It was fun reading a little bit more about you with these tags! So, what would be your favourite meat of choice?

  11. My favorite meat would be chicken, but I like beef a lot as well and I'm just dying for veal (yeah I know it's a child) and also lamb.
    I don't like pork much.

  12. Wow, I just happened onto your site- and your stuff is absolutely awesome!! Very cool.

  13. Thanks so much for the tag. I am actually sitting down to do it now... :)
    Hugs from Emily


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