Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmassy Cookies

cute little Christmas cookies to find

I'm not sure if I really should continue with eBay, since I sell my stuff for less than usual over there. I just keep praying the prices and bids will raise, but it rarely happens.
Selling is sometimes a pretty painful need... if just by creating I could make money, that would be easier, all that listing and fee paying can drive one really mad!
I sell my thinks on four different spots: etsy, dawanda, CDHM and ebay (see left column <<<)
Where do you sell your thinks? And what is your favorite place to sell?
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3 Cheerful Comments:

  1. I sell on Etsy, 1000 Markets and to a very small degree, Artfire.

  2. I only have one with big cartel, but I have to leave because I just can't afford it anymore.

    I'm currently looking for a cheaper way to sell my items lol

  3. i agree ebay is a pain.. maybe cos some are selling things starting at only 0.99 and with free shipping

    there is no traffic at artfire and deviantart.

    so far, my best experience is Etsy


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