Friday, November 6, 2009

Gorgeous Teapots!

These are the most lovely miniature teapots I've ever seen! They're were made especially for me by Joyce at :)
The little boxes I did myself and they should be listed very soon on my etsy shop. I guess either today or this week end.
Sorry for yesterday, living here drives me sometimes a bid mad. I'm thinking of leaving for Berlin while he's searching a job, but that would complicate things with all the minis, so I guess I'm just stuck.
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4 Cheerful Comments:

  1. (((Stephanie))) hang in there, kid. :) the future will be better.

    Joyce does do the most fabulous things, they look wonderful next to your marvelous creations. :)

  2. Those teapots are really, really gorgeous!

    I wish you best of luck and happiness in everything Stephanie, once you get settled it'll all fall into place :)

  3. The sweet boxes look fabulous! The little teapots do compliment your work too :)

    Thank you for taking these pictures and your posting about them ♥


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