Saturday, December 19, 2009

Secret Santa - EuropeanStreetTeam

I participated at the Secret Santa of the EuropeanStreetTeam, organized by Mitsy from ArtMind.
My secret Santa was and I received this fun red and blue felted scarf!

And I was the secret santa of TheHouseOfMouse and sent her a little food tray:

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7 Cheerful Comments:

  1. wowww...soo delicate scarf..and soo yummy gift for Mouse:-)))

  2. Wow, great colorcombo on the scarf and it fits you so nice!
    I'm glad you send Mouse 'healthy' food as she is pregnant! LOL :)
    Thanks so much for participating in the secret santa game! :)

  3. What great items for your Secret Santa. Love the scarf you received, really suits you.. Happy Christmas. x

  4. What a fun scarf! Looks and sounds like it was a fun gift exchange! I love the gift you gave!


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