Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fair in Berlin - Kaufhaus der Bunten Republik

I'm going to expose at the fair Kaufhaus der Bunten Republik in Berlin, the 08 and 09 May.
It's a design and fashion fair, therefore I'll be exposing all my jewelry range.
Maybe I'll also take a few miniature birthday trays as well.

I will have 4 m² for myself. 4. Not 2, not 3, no 4. And it was the minimum. Which means I'll have to buy a table or two and ask my father to drive me to the fair.
I have no idea yet how to arrange my stand, and time is, as always, flying.

If you have some tips, just go ahead :)


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  1. 4m2 with only miniatures...oh boy that is quite a task! Good luck and sorry my mind went blank thinking of it so no suggestions from me this time...


    I'm always blowed off of your work: so small and so realistic!

    Sorry, no ideas, how to fill 4m2 with such small thingies... :)

  3. Maybe you can make big photos with your works on models to stand on your table to be seen from far away and to fill the space?...

  4. Wishing you every success at the fair Stephanie.. Your going to be working night and day to get enough to fill all that space.
    Rita's idea sounds great Big Pictures..

  5. Wow, won't be easy to fill up a 4m2table with those mini things of yours! I would bring along some mini furnuture to fill the place up :)

    I like Rita's idea with the pictures too!

  6. I am sure you will do great! How could I ever offer tips to you as wonderful an artist as you are?! Best wishes for a wonderful show.


  7. I believe you are kind of busy for the show and I wish you a great success, Stephanie!

  8. Coucou Stephanie, j’ai fait des betises je pense. XD A+

  9. A HUGE space !!! but your architect mind will think something amazing and brilliant. Best wishes Rosanna

  10. 4 qm !? That's huge, isn't it ?
    I would make something like little stairs or a pyramid with something like steps in between (don't know how to explain it better, sorry).
    Other than that I can only offer you to send you my stuff over. I just started with jewellery.
    ;-) Just kidding.
    But seriously, can't you share the place with someone who has different jewellery or items that complement yours but don't compete with your's?

  11. Well actually I'm not too worried about having enough items for the 4 m².
    I mean I have a lot :D

    I'm just not sure how to dispose the table and if people can walk in or not :/

  12. Congratulations! Long time no see but I wish you much success and fun with your show!

  13. Ouaah ! Enorme ! Ca va t'en faire du taff ! N'oublie pas d'imprimer des tonnes et des tonnes de cartes de visite histoire de ne pas être en rupture comme l'autre fois ! ;)
    J'aurai adoré aussi voir dans un petit livret toutes les photos de tes miniatures version grande... Il faut dire qu'elles sont vraiment magnifiques et mettent en valeur ton talent ! :D
    Bonne chance !

  14. Stephani, good luck and congratulations.

    I was going to suggest stair steps, but cw got to it before me.

    I would not let customers walk in through, have it in a square C shape with you on the inside. (sometimes, little things have a way of walking away)

    Black draping and plenty of those little spot lights if you have them and if they provide electric.

    Definitely bring and assortment of your miniatures, you never know, you might inspire new collectors. :)


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