Thursday, January 13, 2011

Waffle, waffle and waffle

I made some new waffle "designs". I only have one of each yet. I have so many items to photograph that I don't really have the time to make a decent stock.
I usually eat my waffles with nutella and banana slices, what about you?

J'ai fait des nouveaux bijoux gauffres. Pour l'instant je n'ai qu'un exemplaire de chacun. J'ai tellement de choses à photographier que je n'ai pas vraiment le temps de faire un stock.
Je mange toujours (ou presque) mes gauffres avec du nutella et des tranches de banane. Et vous?

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10 Cheerful Comments:

  1. c'est superbe (dans ma revue )

  2. you keep amazing me with these tasteful miniatures!!!

  3. Looks scrumptious as usual! *NOMNOMNOM*

    Do you ever consider selling the fruit canes? You should ;-)

  4. Les gaufres sont belles!

    Sorry, I'm a new French learner. Anyways, beautiful details on the waffles and I love nutella but I haven't tried it with bananas yet. It sounds delicious though!

  5. i just found your blogg.your miniatures are amazing!i just wanted to ask you how did you make a waffle mold?i tried to make my own but it didn`t worked.

  6. Thanks et merci :)

    Ann < Fruit canes are well a way to sign your miniatures. So I don't want to sell mine :)

    Ammorin < it was perfectly written :)

    Konditori < it's a mold I bought. A real mini waffle maker in metal. Quite difficult to find and not that easy to use.

  7. A ouais quand même, il y a du niveau ici ! ^^
    très jolie !
    Moi aussi je fais des bijoux, mais à côté, ça n'est pas grand chose...
    bisous ^^


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