Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dessert Table - Update

I made some marshmallows, lollipops and candy sticks and gathered some candies I already had.
I made the cupcakes and the donuts, but the cupcakes need to be topped with whipped cream (hahaha.. ahem). I like the marshmallows, be sure to click on the pictures to see them bigger ^^

J'ai fait des guimauves, sucettes et bonbons, ajouté des choses que j'avais en stock.
Les cupcakes ont besoin d'un peu de crème chantilly (haha). Je suis contente de mes guimauves, cliquez sur les images pour les voir en gros ^^


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Work in Progress - Dessert Table

Work in progress
I woke up this morning and realized (after a few days of thinking) that what I prefer to do in miniature are bigger items, like dessert tables.
Since I earn my money with the jewelry, I might just work more on bigger items, which don't sell that good but which are more rewarding for myself. I like to compose food and colors, so why force myself to do just single items?

I also like modern settings and I just ordered a lot of spray paints to get some fun colored dishes.

Right now, see me as a teenager who's searching her style. We're not quite there yet, but we're getting to it eventually :D

Pour nos amis francophones (et en résumé, parce que traduire c'et toujours un peu gonflant).
Je cherche mon style comme une ado, et ai réalisé ce matin que ce que je préférais faire étaient les plus grandes miniatures comme les tables de dessert.

Voilà, voilà. :)

 Work in progress

Other than that I'm still listing many new items in my online shop. Be sure to check it :)
Sinon, je mets en vente énormément de mes miniatures dans mon magasin en ligne :)


Monday, June 27, 2011

Say Cheeeeese

Bonjour :)

I didn't even had time yet to get breakfast, but I already listed some cheese trays (I hope you won't feel nauseate because of those early cheeses). You can find them in my online shop, in the cheese section.

We had a great weekend, went to the Beach and saw some Theater (I'm going to get some acting classes from September on, so I wanted to see how good they were - and well, they were really good - In case you're interested: )

Now going to get some breakfast, a shower and finish some work.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh no already another post?

Yeah well I blog weirdly, nothing in 1 month and suddenly twice a day? Tss!
But I just received a copy of "Make Jewellery", and it's the August issue where I'll be featured in :)
(They used a picture of another woman instead of me, which is a little awkward but apart from that it's pretty cool :P)

And since good things always come in pairs (actually no but today yes!)
I'll also be in an article by Sophia Twadell in "the Miniature Collector", in the August issue.

And I've been busy listing some cakes and macarons in my online shop, so be sure to pop in and grab them. I still need some furniture in our new home and I so wanted a marine striped bikini. Not sure my wallet allows this though :/ Me begging? naah :D


Breads, Croissants, Rolls and Baguettes

I added tons of bakery items to my online shop.
Well technically "tons" is a little exaggerated.

On another note, Etsy now has shop stats (well maybe they have them a little longer but I just discovered them) and I realized with a shock than my sales are steadily dropping since March. And when I say dropping, I mean it. I hardly sell there anymore.
I'm unsure what to do about that, especially since listing and renewing on Etsy is quite expensive on the long run (and in particular when you list/renew 5-6 items per day like I do).

Of couse I don't work a lot for Etsy, I never look at the treasuries I'm in, because it turned in so much work it's just impossible to keep up. And frankly I get bored looking at 10 treasuries per day. So my chance on arriving on FP are now egal to 0.
Maybe it's also because Etsy is now pretty crowded.
I really don't know. Did you experience something similar?

That's also why I'm listing "massively" on my own online shop right now:

Well I can't complain that I don't sell, I have other venues, like Dawanda, and wholesale to boutiques, but Etsy used to be my biggest venue and now it seems to be the one where I sell the less.
With almost 200 items in my shop it's a little annoying to say the list.

And to end on a more positive note (because I'm not really down, just astonished) I went to the sea yesterday! And we ate some sandwiches, hair in the wind and sun on the skin :)


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cute Cookies

Now that I'm back, I'm listing slowly all the "left overs" of the 2 fairs. So be prepared for a lot of coming miniatures.
The cookie board is something I like to make, especially since I love making cookies in real life :)
What's new? I made thinner egg shells.

I think I really need to make real cookies this WE :P

You can get it here ^^


Tuesday, June 21, 2011 great (oh that was bad)

Yeah that's me ^^ 
the 1/2 table looks really little :D

Since I've been extremely busy I didn't have the time at all to write before the SIMP, the miniature fair in Paris.
So how did it go? great! I mean really great. I never sold that much in such a short time. Well maybe it's not that much compared to others, but for me it's phenomenal :D

So yay!

Of course I couldn't resist some treats for myself.
Easel is by Bernard Levevre
Pottery by Elisabeth Causeret
Tea Pot by Lory - 64tnt
Dwarf in Glass and mini origami by Mariella - Muffa's Miniatures

Not from the SIMP
Shelf by AmazingMiniatures
Couch table by Roland Irle

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Europe for Charity

Last year, EuropeanStreetTeam on Etsy decided to open a shop for a charity: Europe for Charity.
Artisans from Europe donate their items and 100% of the sales goes to selected organizations.

Behind all the hard work is Baa from
baahar. Thank you for the hard work and the donations, and please don't stop! :)

So now go get some great items and help to make the world a better place (duh that was kinda cheesy :D)

L'année dernière, le groupe EuropeanStreetTeam a décidé l'ouverture d'un magasin de charité: Europe for Charity.
Les artisans d'Europe y donnent des articles et 100% des ventes va à des organisations séléctionnées selon les besoins du moment.

Derrière ce travail est Baa de baahar. Merci à tous ceux qui participent!

Bon et maintenant il est l'heure d'aller acheter de superbes articles pour une bonne cause :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I don't want to brag but... life is pretty awesome.

I just had 2 weeks of holidays (which should already tell you how awesome my life is, I can have holidays when I want. That's pretty cool).

A first week in Frankfurt, meine Stadt. Where I was born and raised. I love that place, it feels like home... errr... it is home! You may view my pics bigger my clicking on them (the wonder of technology).

Then I went back home, in my bag my BF's brother. And we spend 1 week walking around the cool city where I now live, Vannes. Which btw is near the sea. Just saying.
Vannes also feels like home.
I don't know what is, the blue and white stripes (I'm a stripes freak in case you didn't know), the wind, the sea, the not-parisian-chic, ... I never felt home in Paris. Never did really like that place. But here, instant love.
I was meant to live near the sea.

I'd love to show you pics, but I only have those of my BF's brother and he won't tell me if I can use them so alas... not much pics but those of Carnac:

And sand is way more complicated to sculpt than polymer clay.
Yes I did the head.
Those feet are mine as well.

Well BF's brother's pics (merci plm ^^). Yeah They're pretty beautiful, he has quite an eye for photography.


What else? I have a phoooone!! and also a real flatrate internet access! Incredible but true. What does that mean for all of you? well for one, you're going to read a lot more about my incredibly interesting life on this blog (and yeah also my work).
For me it means I can listen to Fritz!! It's a Berlin radio that I like quite a lot.

That was a pretty long post.

Hugging you all with my bubbling happiness,
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