Thursday, April 19, 2012

Have a Small Breakfast

Hey everyone :)

Not home right now, so working on pictures and listing items :D

I've been finishing a few breakfast trays and put some thought in the photographies for once. The goal was to have bright pictures with a sense of scale. Maybe next time I'll add some humor as well :)
You can find the breakfast trays in my online shop.

Je ne suis pas à la maison en ce moment, du coup je travaille sur des images et je mets en ligne :)

J'ai fini quelques plateaux de petit déjeuner et j'ai (pour une fois) réfléchi à la manière de les photographier. Le but était d'avoir des photos sympas avec un sens de la taille. Peut-être que la prochaine fois j'ajouterai une touche d'humour :)
Vous pouvez trouver les petits plateaux dans mon magasin en ligne.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Art of Procrastination - Top 10 List

Oh yes, procrastination is a good thing.
It gets all the boring stuff done.

Sometimes you wake up early, full of energy, you arrive in your atelier and realize you don't want to sculpt/paint/sew/knit/be creative.

Now, that happens quite often, but fear not, my brave little artisans, fear not.
Because in such cases you have a joker : do all the boring stuff that is long overdue.
Here the top 10 list of things to do if you do not want to work, but still want to be productive.

1. Cleaning your Atelier
Most creative people are not tidy when it comes to their working area.
Chaos is good because it helps to create (only fellow artists can understand that sentence I think).
But sometimes it's good to clean everything, sort out broken stuff and remove all the empty cups of coffee/tea/hot chocolate and the remains of cookies.

2.  Inventory 

Pff... Checking your inventory... Annoying!
Now, that is perfect when you don't want to work, because it makes you feel good to see all the stuff you still have on stock.
And so you can check what needs to be listed online... which brings us toooo...

3. Shooting Star

Photographing all the items that need to be photographed since weeks/months/years (yes years).
Perfect way of avoiding work, while still being extremely useful.
Or you can post-edit the pictures that wait on your computer.
Once you have the pictures, you can...

4. List Stuff

Oh yes, listing items online is booooring as hell. So another wonderful task when you're procrastinating. :)
Once the stuff is listed, yes, what's coming now??

5. Social Networking

Tell everyone!
Be it FB, twitter, Flickr, deviantArt or ahem the rest. That is boring too when you're in full swing to create new items. But when you feel like doing nothing? Perfect!
And marketing is always good  :)
6. Prepare your Packaging

Boxes to stamp or to decorate? Business cards to make? Tiny cards to make?
Gift paper to pre-cut? I'm sure there's a lot to deal here too. I know there always is here.

7. Buy Supplies

:) not a boring task at all. Buying supplies is fun! Just be careful not to spent everything on supplies ;)

8. Blogging

Maybe you love to blog, so this won't be an issue, but most artisans prefer to create, than to talk about how and what they create. So blogging is somewhat a painful (but necessarily) activity to yell to the world that you exist and to show what you're up to.
(like me right now)

9. Read blogs/interesting websites

Once you've done all the boring stuff, use your time to get creative again.
Staying up to date with what's happening in the creative world is helpful to get you back on track and to motivate you.

10. Deal with your Home

If after all this you still don't feel the urge to create things, attack your home: laundry, cooking, cleaning, ... should get sufficiently on your nerves to make you wish to go back to your atelier :)

Hope that'll cheer you up :)
And what do you do when you don't feel like working?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fruit Tarts on Sale!

On sale. On Etsy. NOW.
(listing them right now before heading off to bed)
Cause I'd like to get rid of the old bottom tarts to only have improved new ones.

Toutes les anciennes tartes en solde sur Etsy.
Go! Go! Go! (à nous le magot) 

Below new vs. old
Ci-dessous, nouvelle version vs. ancienne version


Monday, April 9, 2012

Painted Shoes - Candy Sweet :)

Hey everyone!

I had a blast yesterday and today while painting shoes!
I got cheap fabric shoes from H&M and painted them with setacolor form Pebeo then fixed everything with a hair-dryer (I had to buy one just for that purpose XD)

Anyway, I'm pleased as punch with the result. :)

Je me suis amusée comme une petite folle hier et aujourd'hui à peindre ces chaussures!
J'ai acheté des tennis pas chères chez H&M, puis je les ai peintes avec setacolor de pebeo et ensuite fixé les couleurs au sèche-cheveux (j'ai du acheter un sèche-cheveux pour cette occasion XD)

Bref, je suis toute jouasse. Elles sont trop choupis :)


Bracelet Addiction

I admit it.
I have a bracelet addiction, especially when summer is arriving.
Oh and Happy Easter :)

Moi et les bracelets, une grande histoire d'amour :)
Surtout en été *___*
Et Joyeuses Pâques!

Goodies: teal button cuff / bracelet boutonP8 Button Art, watch/montreMarrianne Watches, donut bracelet - me / moi. All the rest with DIY instructions on / tout le reste avec l'aide de Honestly WTF

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Busy, busy!

Hey Everyone!

It's been ages I haven't written in my blog. Here a quick explanation why:
- 3 wholesale orders to finish
- 10 days of trip to see family + 5 friends
- a stupid cold caught in dirty Paris
- a drama play to learn (a very short one, I'll be on stage for about 15 minutes)
- approaching Easter = tons of orders

Pffiou, ça fait un bail que je n'ai pas écrit sur ce blog!
Voilà une explication succincte :
- 3 commandes de boutiques à finir
- 10 jours de voyages pour rendre visite à ma famille + 5 amis
- un rhume stupide venant de Paris, la crasseuse
- une pièce de théâtre à apprendre (juste une petite scène d'environ 15 minutes)
- Pâques = pleins de commandes

But, but, but! Since I thought of you during aaaall that time I took pics :)
Mais, mais, mais! Comme j'ai pensé à vous tout le temps, j'ai aussi fait des photos :)

Here some work in progress in my atelier :)
Mon atelier dans sa propreté légendaire :

And here some spring feeling in the Palmengarten in Frankfurt/Main.
Un peu de printemps au Palmengarten à Francfort/Main.

Oh and I forgot to show you our latest sushi :D
Oh et nos derniers sushis!

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