Friday, February 15, 2013

Gay Marriage Dessert Table

Just a "quick" picture with my phone (I took some time to edit it, and I think I overdid it ^^') to share the dessert table I'm working on! It'll be to celebrate gay marriage. Let's just assume the law is going through in France :)

Une image "rapide" avec mon portable (j'ai essayé de la retravailler, mais je crois que j'ai un peu forcé sur les effets) pour partager le dernier projet que j'ai entamé! Une dessert table (ou sweet table) pour célébrer le mariage gay. On va partir du principe que la loi passera au Sénat :)

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13 Cheerful Comments:

  1. They would not dare vote against it...would they? Well we are talking about humans I would not jump for joy just yet..

    1. well the government seems eager to put it through and the majority of Frenchies are pro gay marriage.
      The Senate has the last word, but I'm crossing fingers.

  2. Gay marriage is possible in Austria since 2010. High time France gets it too! :)

  3. extra !

    (et la photo est très bien )
    bon week end !

  4. Mais oui mais oui, la loi passera, du moins je l'espère !
    Ta pièce montée est vraiment un chef d'oeuvre, et une super idée !


  5. Lovely miniatures as always! I'm seriously craving for a croquembouche right now (not kidding. I'm browsing for recipes as I'm writing this) ;D

    I was so happy to hear about France legalizing gay marriage, however - it's right about the time for gay marriage to be legalized through Europe!
    I really wish things could change over here as well, but I guess Italy is just too medieval and close-minded to actually behave like it's the 21st century.. oh well u_u'

    1. never give up hope :)
      and stand by your ideas! That's why I started doing this table. I think many people aren't too sure about it, but if they see more and more people standing up in favor of gay marriage, they will accept it more easily.

      Yes I want to change the world :)

  6. Excellente manière de célébrer l'évenement, allez, on croise fort fort les doigts, non non on est pas un pays d'arriérés....

    1. Oui on y croît!
      Ceci étant on n'est pas le seul pays qui se traîne dans l'intolérance :/

  7. OMG I love this!!! Beautiful!
    Sadly, we are behind the times in the US on this issue. I hope in Obama's second term equal rights can be granted to all.


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