Sunday, December 29, 2013

Back Home :)

Arya says hi
(Puss would too but she's sleeping hehe)

Hellooooo Folks!

I am back home from holidays and visiting my family.
I just reopened all my shops and my head is bursting with ideas, all awfully long to create, but 2014 should be a busy year.

I've been spoiled with lots of green tea and tea stuff (I just recently started to enjoy green tea and my parents took it as a big hint hehe) I should have enough green tea to last for 1 year ^^

Many nice personal gifts from everyone really (like the cute smily mug that I love) (and yes I drank green tea out of it already hehe).

I also got the Xmas cards from the Xmas card swap I joined and I feel loved after reading those heart warming messages :)

Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful happy Christmas!


colorful gifts :) (the bus I bought for myself though hehehe)
wonderful xmas cards swap :)
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