Wednesday, January 1, 2014

From City Obsession to Wall Bangles

Hello World :)

I've been pondering for a long time how to transform my city obsession in some kind of sculpting.
And it seems the long internal thought process came to an opening. Wall bangles.

Miniature cities are something I absolutely love in art, but I was unsure until now how to work it out.
In a way I've seen city-esque jewelry already, the first piece that made an impact are these train hoops by dmdmetal. Such a brilliant little piece of artwork!

train hoops - dmdmetal
train hoops by dmdmetal
I love the edgy feel of it, basically making art of something that is often regarded as destruction of common goods.

I also drew a quick idea of a bigger piece of art and started working on this façade (which is still not finished!) and making all those bricks gave me time to enjoy the brick work and think of a better way to make tiny brick walls. (I do love bricks, probably because I've been raised in Germany, where bricks are a very present building material - much more than in France - I love the organic feel of it and the variety of colors and textures)

And while I was thinking of cities and how to sculpt them, I thought of a particuliar book.
When I was teaching at the Euro Clay Carnival 2012, Bettina Welker was selling her new tutorial book, "Polymer Clay Bracelets", which I had to buy (of course!) and then it just clicked. A brick wall bangle I shall make!
And the idea was born :)

Now, don't get me wrong, this feels and just is an opening. I feel I need to explore the city since a long time and after 4 years of almost exclusively food sculpting, I feel I'm technically ready to explore the richness in textures of urban life. (And by life I mean buildings, dolls are faaaaaaar from what I want to do.)

I won't stop sculpting food either, I already have an idea for a second book and will start on that one and take more time to finish it.
But I need to mature in my work, not for the others, but for myself, it's a visceral need that knows no rationality, a need to just sculpt cities, finally.

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10 Cheerful Comments:

  1. bravo super idée concrétisée
    c'est bien de muter(!!!) d'évoluer
    le propre de la créatrice

    quel boulot ces briques

    le chat à la fenêtre et la touche végétale apportent un plus (et oui ça y est toi aussi tu es contaminée" amoureuse chats "désormais :o) (la mienne est sur mes genoux en ce moment !!)
    en bracelet c'est bien continue j'ai hâte de voir !

  2. Rhooo ! Superbe ce bracelet, cette autre voie que tu exploites... Réussite totale !
    Plein de bonheur et de créativité pour cette nouvelle année !

  3. those are really good, you know you can also do the same thing to head bands they have some that are hard like those bangles.

  4. Good for you for going something new. I like how you played around with the idea of city, then made the bricks, then came up with the bracelet.

  5. Love the Bracelet! Great work

  6. Wow, what an amazingly interesting idea! I really really like that Stephanie. You should go forth into this new world of textures and things, its really good for your soul and artistic progress. I too, am doing things that arent mini more often, branching out :-) Im taking twigs and branches and turning them into these nifty wall hangings....they have beads and strings and lace and doodads and what not....I was inspired by a homeless man I met selling these amazing dreamcatchers on the side of the road...I took some instagram pics of them :-) very inspiring!

  7. Qué pulsera más original, me encanta. Un abrazo y Feliz Año.

  8. oh wow! Stephanie, it's so lovely! And as usually amazingly done!


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