Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mercredi Miniature - Constructing Destruction - Abandoned Kitchen - Work in Progress

Obviously one scene a week was a bit much of a challenge :D
I started a new scene, it got messy. And then life got in the way and the scene is not finished.
So the final result will be next week :)

Abandoned Kitchen - Work in Progress
Inspiration : my mum who loves to photograph abandoned spaces and often takes part in the 'lost spaces' tours in Berlin; Lori Nix, whose work I adore; history of humankind (we've been through a few ends of civilizations already); the sublime (beauty in what is technically ugly)
Goods : a kitchen I made a few years ago but I didn't really like anymore. The fridge was found on ebay, the sink I bought in a miniature shop in Barcelona :)
Why? : I have a fascination for abandoned places, in the sense that they show what's going to be left when we die or go. They remind us of our inevitable end. And also that things (and vegetation) will outlive us.
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5 Cheerful Comments:

  1. super idée et à suivre alors !

  2. wow love it, not the sweet stuff you usually make, rougher stuff, me likes :)

  3. I really love your scene so far Stephanie. Thanks so much for sharing if. I think my favourite part is the amazing peeling paint. Looking forward to seeing the finished scene.

  4. There's something eye catching about messy, imperfect scenes


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